V Energy & Audiology -

Powering the best gigs

in NZ!


We love music. How could we not with all this energy?

We love it so much in fact we have some pretty rad partners, one of them being Audiology. Exciting right? Have a read below to find out more.

V is dedicated to bringing you the best of the bangers, so to do this we have teamed up with our music experts at Audiology (check out their latest gigs here: ). Audiology Touring have plastered New Zealand with events since your mates mate was a teenager. They tour north to south, east to west, and run close to 300 shows a year. At the beginning, they specialised in electronic events, however have since branched out alongside sister companies Talk Later and Classic Promotions, to cover a wide variety of music and entertainment.

We’re stoked to partner with Audiology to power the best gigs in NZ with V Energy! To show our dedication to bringing you these top notch music events, we are generous enough to send some of you along for FREE! You read right, a free pass to the best gigs in town! How you ask? Well head over to our Facebook page and look out for our competitions so you can feel vibes like this too: